Agency secrets exposed - digital marketing agency owner reveals:

How To Use The 7DQ Method To Find and Qualify, Real Estate Leads... Even If You've Don't Know Where to Start... 

...bye, bye poor quality leads...

 Now, If you’re excited by the idea of getting qualified leads every single day from Facebook even if you’re worried about ‘poor’ quality leads and you've never used Facebook before then this training could be one of the most important things you have ever seen.

 Because in the next few minutes you’re going to learn about a new, exciting and different way of finding and qualifying leads on FB, called the 7DQ Method, which is used by a handful of top real estate agencies to bring in new qualified leads every single day.

  It not only gives you the freedom to have more free time to spend with your family and friends, but it also puts you in control of your lead flow, and thus your income.

  By the end of this short training you’re not only going to understand how to put this 7DQ Method to work for you, you’ll also learn the biggest difference between lead quality on Google and FB, how to use Facebooks' “lead loophole” and so called “contradictory angle” to help you find and qualify new leads on Facebook and how to do it without any prior knowledge about Facebook advertising.

  You will also learn WHY Facebook IS one of the best places, if not the best, to get qualified leads in the first place. 

  And the best part is, once when you learn how to do it, by the end of this training, you’ll never depend on anyone else - You will the one who will know how to find and qualify leads on Facebook.

 A word of a warning: if you are looking to use common ‘lead generation techniques’ you can find just about anywhere online, you should stop watching and go somewhere else to read about them - 7DQ Method is something different. 

You’re Probably Asking Yourself “Why Should I Listen To You?”

  Hi, my name is Damir, I run a small yet successful digital marketing agency which specializes in lead generation for real estate.

  I’m constantly invited to various business hubs to talk about the subject and run workshops to teach people how to generate leads via Facebook.

  In one campaign that ran back in Dec - Jan, we generated 87 qualified leads for properties selling for €1MM to €8MM
  In another campaign we got a lead which my clients turned into a €2,200,000 sale 6 months later.

  In one other campaign for one other client, we ran in Dec 2019 - Jan 2020, we got 85 first home buyer leads which my client turned in €1,200,000 in sales.

  You’ll get more examples a bit later but before that, in the next few minutes, you’re going to learn the exact method I use,every single day, to find and & qualify, thus generate high quality leads for my real estate clients.

  Now, before we start, you have to know a few things, like why...

It Has Never Been a Better Time to Learn This New Way of Finding and Qualifying leads…

  Regardless of what's going on in the world, economy or otherwise, people are still buying and will continue to buy.

  How they buy and why they buy might have changed yet they still buy.

What is happening now is that most people are at home, or work from home, many are in lockdown meaning they are glued to their computers.

  This gives you a DOUBLE edge:

  No #1 - Now you can reach them much easier since they spend more time on computers than they usually would

  No #2 - most of your competitors stopped advertising and they wait for ‘better times' meaning there is less ‘noise’ on Facebook and you can reach your potential buyers, believe it or not - easier.

 Because of those two factors now you have a truly rare advantage to get potential customers on Facebook easier.

 Let me explain: From the first hand, from the words of my clients, I know that for example. inventors are buying like crazy, the luxury market 5millon plus properties is on the rise and people are looking for opportunities.

  And all this means is that you ‘only’ have to find and qualify those leads, then, of course, nurture them, develop a relationship with them and soonest the ‘opportunity’ is right - they will buy.

  You want to do this NOW because if you wait too long, for those ‘better times’ - it will be too late and people who have those leads, who have developed those relationships - will be the ones who will do the selling.

  Right now you have that choice to be a part of that small group of people who get this and realize that now is THE time to get those leads.

There’s A Ton Of Potential Quality Leads on Facebook - 1.79 Billion People Log In To FB Every Day

  A word of caution: this just might be THE most important thing you’re going to learn about the difference between lead quality on Google and Facebook - ever!

  Therefore when you know this - you will know how to eliminate poor quality leads from Facebook once and for all:

  Do you honestly think that out of 1,79 billion people who log to FB daily there is no one who wants to buy or sell property?

  There is too many, too many, too much, more than you can imagine, more than I can imagine, too many you, me, all of us can handle and even more potential leads on FB!

  Not just any leads - potential good quality leads!

  The difference is not in the platform between Google and FB, the difference is in the MINDSET of people about those platforms.

  Remember this " People spend their days on FB, but when they want to buy something, - they go to Google"

  For example: 

  What do you do?

  You login to FB to check out what's going on, to see what your friends and family are doing...

  You didn't login in FB to go and buy something.

  When you want to buy something, you go to Google and punch in 'buy xyz shoes' or whatever you want to buy - you do the very OPPOSITE thing than on FB. 

  By default, you go to search and buy things on Google - NOT FB!

  Your MINDSET is different! 

  Therefore, you go to a different platform!

  You will not go and 'hang' with your friends on Google, you do that on FB.

  Just think for a moment...

  This is EXACTLY what your potential leads are doing when looking to buy or sell their property.

  This is WHY people say that ‘better quality leads’ are on Google!  

  With that said, they ARE better quality, but JUST in start, because those people, those leads, were in 'buying' mindset when they went on Google and looked for a new home - they ‘qualified’ themselves!

  When those very same people are on FB they also want to hang with their friends, they are not looking to 'buy their home' at that moment.


  You NEED to take their MINDSET from 'I wanna hang with friends' to 'I wanna buy a property' mindset!

  Remember, When those people are on Google, they have 'qualified' themselves - when they are on FB YOU NEED TO QUALIFY them!

  This IS the biggest difference between lead quality on Google and Facebook
  Just putting an ad with your property simply won't cut it.
  Those days are long gone...

  This is why you might say 'there are only poor quality leads on FB', because without you qualifying them properly - they WILL be 'poor' quality.

  So the only 'poor' thing here are not leads from Facebook - it's your qualifying process.

  Which is a 'good' thing since you can learn how to qualify people quickly.

  So let’s begin...

The Secret About 7DQ Method - It’s Not About Qualifying People, It’s About Disqualifying!!!

  Most real estate agents get ‘misled’ about qualifying people.

 Here is what I mean:

 Some agents are so obsessed with qualifying people that they simply miss the basics - one being the fact that people have learned how to ‘lie’ and 'mislead' agents.

 Here is a question for you - Have you ever got a lead telling you they are ready to buy or sell, so you give them your time and all the info they need, and then they never answer your phone again?

  Well, you’re not the only one...

  That’s why this method is called the 7DQ Method...It stands for 7 DIS-Qualifiers.

 The basics are simple - to dis-qualify and get rid of potential time wasters by making it very hard for them to get to you by seeing a very, very specific type of ad and asking the right questions so you don’t waste your time with them.

  Therefore by dis-qualifying them you are qualifying them!

  How do you do it?

 Here are four dis-qualifiers to get you started (there is more to 7DQ Method than just disqualifiers, more about that right after this)…

  Each disqualifier serves a specific purpose and when you use ALL seven of them plus other two things, the 7DQ Method really works:

- Dis-Qualifier #1 - Location - Go narrow as you can… so the first word in the ad is actually the city or neighborhood, even street if possible… you don’t want just anyone clicking (here you are dis-qualifying people with location)
Just think a bit - why would you have anyone even looking at your ad unless your property is their desired area?
- Dis-Qualifier #2 - Price - Right after location and the first sentence I’ll introduce the price so people know it from the start… you don’t want anyone clicking the ad who cannot afford the property! (here you are dis-qualifying aka qualifying people with the price of the property)
I mean, do you really want to waste your precious time on a bunch of emails and calls just to say what is the price of property you are selling? 
- Dis-Qualifier #3 - Property size/features - Right under the price I’ll add how many bedrooms, bathrooms, garden, etc. That property has… you don’t want anyone clicking the ad who thinks the price doesn’t match the property size/features! (here you are dis-qualifying aka qualifying people with the property size/features)
 Same as before - do you really want to waste your precious time by giving out the basic features of the property? 
- Dis-Qualifier #4 - Video/Slideshow - I’ll use a video with up to 20-25 photos, that’s up to 58sec long (this way you can advertise on Instagram too)… you don’t want anyone clicking the ad just to ask for ‘more photos’! (here you are dis-qualifying aka qualifying people with the property images)
 You want people to see as many images of the property as possible so you can avoid wasting your time by sending out more photos to just about anyone...
 As a reminder, this how the vast majority of real estate ads on Facebook look like:
  1.There is short or almost No description about the property...

  2. Not enough property features...
  3. NO price….

  4. A single image of a property ...
 This kind of ad brings poor quality leads because there is basically NOTHING which would qualify the lead…
  Therefore, if you use a similar ad to this one - you only get poor quality leads.
  If you have an ad similar to this, you’ll lose a ton of time, and nerves just by sending out all that information.

 Not to mention, you’ll waste a lot of money on poor qualified leads - people who just want more basic info about the property.

 Why do that when you can dis-qualify them in the first place by giving them a lot more relevant and important information about the property - The “contradictory angle “so the ones who do contact you are really interested and won’t waste your time asking you about that basic information about the property?

 What most think as the ‘normal’ way is that you should create curiosity and not give people enough information so they ask you for more i.e. Images, description, price, etc... 

  But what’s the purpose of that if the little information they got is incomplete?

 What this means is that you are creating a pool of poor quality leads who cost you time and money.

 The “Contradictory Angle” engages your prospects in a rare and different way by giving them a lot of information so if they want even more - you know they are pre-qualified in a way not to waste your time.

 Well, I can’t guarantee you’ll never have time wasters, but you’ll have a hell of a lot less of them with 7DQ Method.

  Now, there are THREE more very important disqualifies i.e knowing how to get their real phone number and email, that are needed to complete the 7DQ method, but they’re harder to put into words and best explained when shown.

  Now That You Know How To Start Eliminating Poor Quality Leads You Need To Know Two More Things…

  Firstly, you need a system, a structure…

  Secondly, you need to know how to find those leads in the first place...

  Truth to be told, 7DQ Dis-qualifiers work like clockwork but without these two things you will struggle to find and qualify leads...

  1) 7DQ Campaign Structure - every campaign needs a structure, it’s your system, it’s your blueprint and there is a way to do it right on FB.
  7DQ Method has a campaign structure which always brings results. 

 This campaign structure makes your life much, much easier by just knowing it.

 Remember: if you don't have campaign structure, you are doomed to fail - that's guaranteed!

  2) Targeting - One of THE most important parts of the 7DQ Method - you need to find those leads in the first place.

  What’s the point of showing your ads to people who are not interested in buying your property?

  You want to be able to have early wins and show your ads to the right people from the start.

   This is where proper targeting, seven dis-qualifiers and campaign structure come together - this is the 7DQ Method.

  Without any of those three elements - it’s going to be hard for you to have a successful campaign, because it would be incomplete, to find and qualify any leads, let alone get any qualified ones.

 But who to target? How do you know that?

 You can find out who to target really quickly using Facebook’s billion dollar free ‘lead loophole’ tool :)

  It's a completely FREE tool Facebook has developed to help business owners find more potential clients fast - literally with few clicks…

  Not sure if you know about it or not yet this tool is used by many savy marketers, businesses and agency owners to find and qualify leads fast.

  This is how some typical ‘lead generation’ agencies charge you high fees to run your ads but they don’t actually do that much work - Facebook does.

  To top it up, in most cases they will deliver poor quality leads too since they don’t know how to dis-qualify/qualify them in the first place...

  You see, if you know about this tool - you could do all this yourself and save a ton of time, money and nerves while doing it.

  Now, when you get those leads, you want to make sure only to talk to people who booked an appointment with you or who want to hear from you...

  Then you need to stay in touch with them on a regular basis, phone calls, emails, text messages, whatsapp messages, which can be very, very time consuming...

  And very hard because you are out with clients, making contracts, driving, etc...

  It gets even harder when the number of leads rises because it practically doubles every month, so this task becomes literally impossible.

  This is where most agents 'fail' and lose sales - they have no automated system which can do ALL the follow-up for them and help them get booked appointments.

  This is yet another CRUCIAL part of 7DQ Method, a bit more advanced, which you want to have implemented if you want to increase the number of your transactions without going crazy and still have a normal life…

The question you might be asking yourself:

"How Do I Know 7DQ Method Works?"

  Well, check this out:

  I became a partner in one real estate company who recognized the value of qualified leads I bring in.

 Here is what one of the partners said when I asked him what did he do with 87 leads 7DQ Method got him in 45 days:
 Few things - 90 text messages and 45 emails were automatically delivered to his leads for him.

 And as you might have noticed - he still needs to through 70% of the leads he has got…

 Meaning, he got $1,2 million is sales only from 30% of the leads!  

 Also, do you remember that other client, which sold a property for €2,200,000?

  They only spend about cca €1,000 on one campaign, which generated 85 leads.

  So, they made about €120,000+ in commissions and I made about €7,000.

  A nice payday :)

  Two different clients, same method - both got great results.

If this sounds like the advantage you want, then…

  Let's talk and see how you could use the 7Dq method in your business to find and qualify leads on a daily basis even if you have no idea where to start and you’re stuck with poor quality leads

  During the strategy session we will dive into your business and see how you too could use the 7dq method. 

  By the end of our call together, you’ll understand how this method can fit into your business so you can use it to start finding and qualifying leads from FB.

  Remember this: regardless of what's going on in the world, economy or otherwise, people are still buying and will continue to buy.

  How they buy and why they buy might have changed but if you're offering something of value that truly helps people there's absolutely no reason you can't crush it too.

  All you need is the right system, support, and guidance.

  And be willing to and be able to adapt when you need to.

  Independent if you wanna work with me or not...I'll share some of the frameworks we've used to help our clients go from worrying about their getting poor quality leads to making million dollar sales

  If you like to find out more about how the 7DQ Method can help your business then go ahead and click the button below and schedule your 7DQ quick start strategy session

Here are some of the secrets you’re going to learn inside of the Magic Calendar Program:

  •   Secret #1 -The only ONE ad format you need to know so you don’t have to waste time and money on testing ads that don’t work - I’ve done that for you!
  •   Secret #2 - How to calculate your lead cost so you know exactly how much you can spend to get that buyer so your campaigns can always be affordable and profitable...
  •   Secret #3 - The ‘Numbers'  - know exactly which numbers to look at so you can find winning campaigns aka qualified leads quickly…
  •   Secret #4 - How to plug-in the 7DQ Method to your busnienss and make Facebook literally do ALL the “heavy-lifting work” for you…
  •   Secret #5 - The 'Bible' - only ONE campaign structure you need to know, so you can generate qualified leads fast...
  •   Secret #6 - How to create quality videos which captivate your prospect's attention, in less than 4min using one simple ‘drag and drop’ program...
  •   Secret #7 - ‘Over the shoulder videos’ - this is where the rubber hits the road, I’m going to create campaigns from scratch using the 7DQ Method, meaning, you can watch me do it so you can do the same exact thing...then ‘rinse and repeat’ it for as many properties you like...
  •   Secret #8 - How to use Facebook's “lead loophole” tool to find potential leads out of the thin air... (Hint: it's FREE)
  •   Secret #9 - The complete 7DQ Method, which disqualifies potential time-wasters and tire-kickers... Save time and money, only talk to qualified leads and increase the number of transactions...   
  • And much, much more…
  About 80% of the lessons are in bite size chunks of around 5min marks to avoid overwhelm...
   Please remeber: when you'll learn all this, I can pretty much gurantee you you'll know much, much more about generating qualified leads than:

   a) vast majority of your competitors...

   b) those so called 'lead generation professionals'...

  This puts you in direct control of your lead flow, thus your this something you want?

  No more relying on anyone and no more worrying will deliver or not...

You Might Be Wondering, What It’s Gonna Cost You To Learn All This?

  In truth, the Magic Calendar Program has a true value of $1000.00+. 

  And that doesn't even include the bonuses that you’re going to get.
  But, because today I can give you access to the entire program immediately by giving you a digital copy of the Magic Calendar Program, there are minimal expenses for me. 

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 In M.C.P.P. you're already going to learn how to generate qualified leads in international and national markets. 

 So the only thing that is left for you is to learn how to do in in local and US markets. 

 US housing law made it a bit difficult for you - you can't target people by certain interests, age, demographics, ZIP codes, etc.

 This way you will have no stones left unturned and you'll be able to generate qualified leads anywhere in the world if that's your thing.

  • How to use one little "radius trick" in local marktes which gets you people who want to live in the area where your advrtise your property...
  •  "Drop pin" technique gets you laser targeted potential leads in local markets...
  • How to use the 7DQ Method to set up campaigns which finds you qualified leads in US markets...
  • The 'Callout' - use this 'hide in plain sight' copyrighting technique to bypass US housing law (i.e. Can't advertise in certain areas by ZIP code, or by certain interests, demographics). There is a specific way you can write your ads so you can still find people interested who want to buy property in specific areas or people with specific interests and demographics....

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  What does EVERY real estate agent or agency want?

  Seller leads! 

  More people to list homes with them.

  Every agent I speak to wants more listings under their name/brand and they all find that those leads are the hardest to get.

 Are they? 

Well, for sure they don't come easy yet there is a way to get them...
  • Learn how to find seller leads to get those valuable listings...
  • Learn how to set up campaigns using 7DQ Method which generates you qualified seller/listing leads...
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  I understand there is work to do, but some work you DON'T have to do.

  Every agency, every business has some kind of resources they use to run their business.

  These are the very same resources you get so you can save time and start to generate leads ASAP.

  This way you can use test formulas, templates, etc.. Save time and get results fast without even thinking or spending time and money to find what works or not.

  All of that has been done for you already.

  Start with these, get results, then make then tweak them to your liking to bring you even better results.

  You want these to make sure you are set for succes from early days...
  • The 7DQ Targeting Template - a simple 'checklist' - just follow it and it will get you qualifed least fast...
  • Get 25+ already proven and tested ways to find qualified leads quickly - all you need to do is to ‘copy & paste’ them to your campaigns...
  • Get proven and time tested, 7 Ad Templates! Simply follow the same ad copy structure for your properties and they will be set to get you leads fast…
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100% Money Back Guarantee 

  Here is the deal….
  I’m so confident that the Magic Calendar partnership program will get you a stream of qualified leads … that I’ll even let you try out the whole thing risk-free.
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  Just use the entire thing, watch all the training videos, attend all the live tactical implementation calls, and get all the bonuses to get your leads.
  I want you to experience all the benefits and the lifestyle that comes with training.
  And if it doesn’t get you the leads and the lifestyle you want … it won’t cost you a cent.
  Simply shoot me an email in 30 days after the training and you’ll get 100% money back!

  We just need to jump on a quick call to make sure you have done everything as I suggested in the program.
  If you did, I’ll rush a prompt and courteous refund, and you can keep everything you learned with my highest compliments - no questions asked.
  One of my clients, Claire, spends only about $15 per day to generate leads...this is how her phone looks like:
  This how Samathas' email inbox looks like, she is generating leads for luxury properties, villas from €1,000,000 to €5,900,000, with a small €20 per day budget:
 Here is what happened to Mandy F. From Spain when she started to use the 7DQ Method:

  In Jan 2018 we started to work together for about 4 months. 

  Then, we stopped working together and in the time between I developed the 7DQ Formula.

  Since I had great results I went back and spoke to Mandy and we started to work together again in December 2018...  
  We've done amazing things and have achieved great results together...

  Since we've started working together, these guys have grown in 2 years to 15 staff, 3 offices, and over 400 listings, all from implementing the system...

How Much Would All Of That Be Worth To You?

  Just imagine, waking up to daily notifications of new qualified leads on your phone…Just like Claire...

  Having full control of your life since you are the person in charge of generating your own leads….

  You go on holidays when you want to, for as long as you want to, with whoever you want to…

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